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Wednesday, July 31, 2002
Flamebait of the Day!

This might be one of the best posts I have ever made at Indymedia. Someone even threatened me (ohh no, someone save me from those brutish radicals!).

Gosh I feel so special!

No one can piss those freaks off quite like I can; except for Bill Herbert, that is.

Whats best is that they do not even realize I only go there to stir up trouble. I think it strikes a cord in them though. Reminds me of a quote I enjoy:

The blackest billingsgate, the most ungentlemanly insolence, the most
yahooist brutality, is patently endured, countenanced, propagated, and applauded.


touch a solemn truth in collision with the dogma of a sect, though capable of
the clearest proof, and you will soon find you have disturbed a nest, and the
hornets will swarm about your eyes and hand, and fly into your face and eyes.

-- John Adams

Monday, July 29, 2002

Bad Guns

The newly revamped SA-80 rifles seem to be the bane of the Brits, and they want them gone.

The SA-80 or L85 assault rifle was adopted for British army service in 1985, but in fact the design is much older than this. The 5.56mm SA80 was originally the 4.85mm IW which was first produced in 1973 as a prototype weapon for the NATO calibre trials. Adoption of the 5.56mm SS109 round saw the IW become the SA-80.

When it was due for adoption many British Gun writers voiced concerns about the design, but these seem to have been politely ignored.

It was during the Gulf War in 1991 that the mainstream press became aware of the malfunctions, jamming and reliability problems that the SA80 was prone to, including, apparently, a tendency to fire if dropped or struck on the muzzle.

In 1997 the SA80 was dropped from NATO's list of approved weapons because it was having difficulty firing NATO approved ammunition reliably.

Eventually the MOD admitted that something might be wrong. It is reported that the weapon has undergone 83 modifications over 18 years, but despite this in 2000 a contract of $1200 million was paid to Hecker and Koch to put the army's SA80s right.

Unfortunately, it looks like they never did get it right.


You think Things are Bad Now?

Just wait and see how bad things are going to get if the House of Saud falls in a revolt.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Best blog I have seen In a while, no shit

Please pay The Politburo a visit.

And for a laugh, find out why its editor, Michael Moynihan, is forever banned from visiting that workers utopia North Korea.

This is Priceless!

For quite some time now, I have believed that the left tends to view the common guy, or joe-six-pack, much like 16th century missionaries viewed Indians: the noble savage.

The elitism manifests itself in many ways, but the following piece gets to its core (in a rather comical way, I might add).

Future Lefty insecure; Future Lefty not happy.
Future Lefty want be smart; Future Lefty want respect!
Future Lefty discover liberal politics.
Lefty politics teach that society (not the individual) always source of problems (insecurity)
Thus society (not the individual) always source of success (happiness).
Lefty not like success (happiness); success (confidence) make Lefty feel insecure; society at fault for everything; society at fault for Lefty unhappiness and insecurity.
Lefty now not personally responsible for anything.
Lefty like new feeling, but

Lefty now hate society (America) as source of Lefty problems and insecurities.
Lefty now want get even with American society (successful, confident, or happy individuals).
Lefty agitate for change (getting even) in hateful society (America).
Joe Six-pack the majority of society.
Joe Six-Pack in way of Lefty schemes for getting even (change). Joe Six-Pack not so dumb after all.
Lefty want be smarter than Joe; Lefty want respect; Lefty frustrated with Joe.
Lefty now want get even with (change) Joe (majority of society).
Getting even with (changing) society now means getting even with (changing) Joe Six-Pack (America). Lefty like getting even, but

Lefty now hate everybody in society (America) except other Lefties.
Lefty blind to hatred because hatred is blinding.
Lefty much worse than Joe because Lefty is blind to hatred. Lefty still think Lefty smart.
Lefty ignore all criticism, criticism get in way of getting even. Lefty still think Lefty smart.
Lefty stifles criticism. Lefty force Joe to think like Lefty. Lefty knows best.
Lefty now get even, but

This is how fascism will come in the form of anti-fascism: Lefty smart; Lefty knows what's best.

Straw man argument? Perhaps.

My point is that "Hatred of Joe" is ALWAYS a red flag to emotionally based liberal politics. (Concern for the common man! Hah!)

Lefty claims open-mindedness and enlightenment.
Future Lefty get even with Rightie by stealing new 'discussion' technique.
Lefty clever! Lefty smart! Lefty think on own.
Lefty go back read Lefty magazines. That how be smart: Read Lefty magazines -- nothing else required.
Lefty smart! Lefty clever!

(Thanks again to recovering leftist Robert E., AKA: Marx the Economist, for that little diddy)

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

More Memoirs of a Left Wing Terrorist

That tireless champion for Soviet style proletariat rights, The Nation Magazine, has just published a celebration of the Port Huron Statement . The Port Huron Statement was the document on which Tom Hayden and Dick Flacks (huh huh huh, Dick Flacks) founded the Students for a Democratic Society.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), a radical youth group established in the United States in 1959, developed out of the youth branch of an older socialist educational organization, the League for Industrial Democracy.

The political manifesto for SDS, the Port Huron Statement, was written for the most part by Tom Hayden, a twenty-two-year-old former editor of the student newspaper at the University of Michigan. The document, adopted in 1962 by the sixty or so founding members of SDS, criticized the American political system for failing to achieve international peace or to effectively address a myriad of social ills, including racism, materialism, militarism, poverty, and exploitation. The Port Huron Statement called for a fully 'participatory democracy,' which would empower citizens to share in the social decisions that directly affected their lives and well-being.

Despite is quaint name the SDS was, in fact, a terrorist organization. The love child of the SDS and its violent marxist dogma was the Weather Underground Organization, commonly refereed to a the Weathermen. They participated in such peaceful and socially aware activities like planting bombs at the Pentagon (long before it was in style to do so I might add), blowing up police stations, assignations of police officers, bombings of university ROTC departments, and many other events designed to to bring us all a better world.

Tom Hayden also had quite a colorful experience with the SDS and later with the Weathermen. Hayden was eventual elected a California state assemblyman. A 1986 attempt to remove Hayden from the State Assembly in California failed by three votes. It was based on the State Constitution which disqualifies anyone from serving if he advocates the support of a foreign government against the U.S. in the event of hostilities. The charges were led by retired Marine officer Col. Gil Ferguson of whom Hayden commented, "Maybe he fought in one war too many", and that Ferguson was nothing more that a "washed up Rambo looking for one last war".

Ferguson claimed Hayden had gone to VN at Hanoi's invitation (which he did by Hayden's own admission), paid by them (which it was by Hayden's own admission), gave up his passport to do so and propagandized our troops on radio (which he did with a great deal of zeal by Hayden's own admission). Hayden went to Prague to meet with the Vietcong where he raised his arms and said "I am a Vietcong. We are all Vietcong."

When our POWs were released he labeled them "liars, hypocrites and pawns."

But oh yes back to my original point, the Port Huron Statement.

Well, as usual, former SDS member David Horowitz does a pretty nice job ripping Hayden to pieces. Check it out, if you have the time.

Friday, July 19, 2002
House Ethics Panel Wrapping up Traficant Hearings

Followers of the often-controversial Ohio Democrat James Traficant were not disappointed by his final remarks to a House ethics panel Wednesday.

"I want you to disregard all that the opposing counsel has said. I think they're delusionary . I think they've had something funny for lunch in their meal. I think they should be handcuffed to a chain-link fence, flogged, and all of their hearsay evidence should be thrown the hell out. And, if they lie again, I'm going to go over and kick them in the crotch. Thank you,"

Having the reputation as the loosest cannon in congress. Traficant voted to re-elect Republican Dennis Hastert as House speaker, angering fellow Democrats who strip him of committee assignments, been a very vocal critic of China and its political/military ambitions, been a strong proponent of a tight immigration policy, Cliamed Janet Reno had a relationship with a call girl who was associated with organized crime figures, and has a 0% voting record with the ACLU (see, he aint all bad).

Now I do not really know how valid the charges against Traficant are, and they might be true, but his does smell a little like a witch hunt. Traficant is not exactly the most popular member of the House and is loathed by members of both parties.

I mean, shit, they want to kick Traficant out of Congress, but did nothing about Dan Rostenkowski (or the dozens of others who have been jailed)?

George Michael Asked to Write Song for Olympics

This seems somehow so terribly appropriate. Not becasue Michael, whose real name is Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, is Greek, but for some other reason I cannot quite put my finger on at this moment ........................ something about sodomy North Hollywood in a public men's bathroom .............. hmmmmmmmmmmm .............. just mabey ........

Wednesday, July 17, 2002
Holy Dogshit Batman! These Hosiers can shoot!

A world-record shot by a Canadian sniper detachment could never have been made with the ammunition they were issued when they left Edmonton last winter, the triggerman said in a recent interview. The Canadian .50-calibre rounds have a maximum range of between 2,200 and 2,300 meters. The U.S. rounds, they discovered, "fly farther, faster," said Cpl. "Bill", a 26-year-old native of Fogo Island, Nfld.

The two-man Canadian team, coupled with American Sgt. Zevon Durham of Greenville, S.C., made the kill from 2,430 meter’s on the second shot.

The first blew a bag from the hand of their target, an al-Qaida fighter walking on a road.

"He didn't even flinch," said Bill, who spoke to The Canadian Press on condition that his real name not be used.

"We made a correction and the next round hit exactly where we wanted it to. Well, a bit to the right."

The kill, one of more than 20 unofficially accredited to Canadian snipers during Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan's Shah-i-Kot Valley, beat the 35-year-old record of 2,500 yards, or 2,250 meters, set by U.S. Marine Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock in Duc Pho, South Vietnam.

Soldier of Fortune magazine estimated the number of kills made by the Canadians after talking to several U.S. soldiers in Kandahar for a cover story in its August edition.

The snipers themselves will not confirm the figure.

But judging from accounts given by Canadians involved in the first major coalition offensive of the Afghan war, the figure of at least 20 sounds conservative.

Outfitted with British desert fatigues and an array of equipment from all over the world, the five Canadians divided into two detachments earned the respect of their American brothers-in-arms after helping rescue dozens of paratroopers pinned down by enemy fire.

The five have been nominated for one of the highest awards given by the United States military -- the Bronze Star, two of them with Vs for Valor, marking exceptional bravery.

Awarding of the American medal, which was to have been done at a ceremony along with other Anaconda veterans in Kandahar in April, has been delayed by Canadian protocol officials.

You know, I have always believed snipers to be some of the last true warriors, in the Greek sense of the word. Silent, deadly, skilled, professionals who do a rather dirty job with amazing coolness and calm, and certainly the brave Canadians are the epitome of the sniper.

Hemmingway once said that “there is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and like it, never really care for anything else thereafter."

But I would also like to say a few words about the former record holder, U.S. Marine Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock.

Hathcock was the Marine Corps' top sniper in Vietnam, with 93 confirmed kills and countless more unconfirmed. His exploits are legendary. He stalked enemy snipers, infiltrated an NVA general's headquarters, and pinned down a company (that’s over 100 men) of enemy soldiers for several days, to cite only a few.

Known as "Long Tra'ng" for the trademark white feather he wore to taunt his enemies, he was so feared that when the standard bounty on U.S. snipers was eight dollars, his head was worth over $25,000.

Hathcock was the focus of several dozen assassination attempts by North Vietnamese snipers. On one such bounty hunt the NVA’s top sniper was shot dead by Hathcock’s Remington model 700 at a distance of 600 yard. The shot traveled through the NVA sniper’s Russian scope hitting him directly in the eye.

Severely burned in combat during his second tour in Vietnam, he recovered and returned to active duty. However, due to his extensive burns and to the insidious onset of multiple sclerosis, he was unable to resume rifle competition at his former level.

Hathcock is often quoted as saying, "The most deadly thing on the battlefield is one well-aimed shot." He was severely burned while saving the lives of seven Americans from a fiery mine explosion in Vietnam. He was later awarded a Silver Star, the military's third highest decoration, for his heroic actions.

Carlos Hathcock died in 1999 after a 24-year battle with multiple sclerosis.

His story can be read in Marine Sniper, by Charles Henderson and E. J. Land.

Monday, July 15, 2002

The Summerfest to End All Sumerfests ……………. No, really

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you, Green Anarchy Tour 2002 (caution: I am sure this site is monitored). Where the slogan is not beer and brats, but to “to destroy civilization on this stolen land”.

Well, I guess they have finally come of age.

The eco-crowd was cute (annoying but relatively benign) when it was about hugging trees, eating granola, and wearing Birkenstocks, but I think they have finally gone a bit to far.

Not that this is anything new. These dickheads have been torching Ski lodges, Mc Donalds and lumber mills for quites some time to a tune of tens of millions a year, but I think this might represent a new more fanatical wave.

Unfortunately, as Earth First! and the Green Anarchy Tour remind us, and as we have been reminded in recent weeks by concerns about a dirty bomb possibly in the hands of a U.S. citizen, not all terrorism threats come from outside the country.

Most of these rubs are all talk, but who knows.

Who knows..............................

But I know one thing, if Bogart’s steakhouse so much as has one fucking window broken when these sexless freaks pass through Chicago, theres is going to be some hell to pay!

Time to dispense a little Colt .45 justice!

Thursday, July 11, 2002
I dont know why, but these are pretty cute!

Well, actually, I guess I do know why.

And if you liked that just as much as I did (come on admit it you know you do) go to the new PETA website.

Be sure to check out the hate mail as well.

When losers Dare to Soar!

I just got done reading an article in The Nation Magazine titled: What is Patriotism? It is a collection of some of the finest (ahem) and most prolific (gag) voices of the American left. In it was an attempt by the left to prove to everyone that they are not the self hating, Marxist, pieces of shit they really are.

The funny thing about this collection is that no matter how hard they try to be nice, their subconscious loathing of the US always finds a way to creep out.

Vivian Gornick
Author; reporter

The word "patriotism"--which I associate to blind love of country--does not echo in me. But feminism made me an American. Let me explain.

I grew up in New York, the child of working-class immigrants, devoted to a Marxist vision of international socialism. In our house the injustices of class far outweighed the virtues of the democracy. True, we were lucky to be making our struggle here, on this section of the map rather than on many others we might have found ourselves on, but America as an emotional reality did not go deep. When we marched in May Day parades and hecklers told us to go back where we came from, we replied in perfect confidence, "This is our country. We're more American than you." But we didn't really mean it. Honest dissidents speaking out of a true love of country was not what we were about.

Wow! I could say a lot, but I think I will let my chief political advisor Dr. Nick Riviera respond to this.

Dr. Nick: Holy smokes! This bitch needs some cock! 500 cc's of hot beef Nurse Kilen!

Erwin Kroll
Editor, The Progressive

So we get together on the afternoon of the Fourth--it has never rained on our parade--to do all-American things (drink beer, eat hot dogs) and to recall, without rhetorical excess, that this country has a great radical tradition.

A couple of years ago, when flag burning was the idiotic issue of the moment, a friend brought his own flag to burn. Some thought it was a fine way to mark the Fourth; others demurred.

I'm one of those unreconstructed leftists who still get a lump in the throat on those increasingly rare occasions when someone plays the "Internationale". It may turn out, in the long run, that one of the major crimes committed by the Stalinists was to give internationalism a bad name. I think it's still the way for humanity to go.

Wow. All things 'American' ehh. Flag burning, the global communist anthem "Internationale"?

Ummm ........... yeah .......... OK.

And the major crime of the Stalinist was giving internationalism a bad name? I could see how that ranks higher up the list than Pol Pot's Killing Fields, The Ukrainian Famine, Mao's Great Leap Forwards, or The Soviet Purges.

But what else would I expect from the magazine that named Joseph Stalin its 'Man of the Decade' for the 1930's.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002
Oh Shit, the Sky is falling!

The Earth 'will expire by 2050' proclaims Chicken Little

A study by the World Wildlife Fund, to be released on Tuesday, warns that the human race is plundering the planet at a pace that outstrips its capacity to support life. The report suggests that we reduce our living standards to that of Ethiopia, and dramatically reduce the human population on earth.

Ever since the time of Malthus, there have been people declaring that the world is coming to an end and that humanity is going to face a die off. We are running out of resources, there are too many people, urban sprawl is destroying all our farmland, yada yada yada yada.......

Well this is only partial true. Paul Ehrlich once predicted that raw materials and food were going to become so scarce that billions upon billions of people would starve to death. He believed, and let everyone know, that mankind was using its resources far too quickly and that the depletion of these resources would spell catastrophe.

Enter Julian Simon (great article by the way, please read it if you have the time). As an economist, Simon knew a thing or two about the way these things worked and was not very worried. Oh sure, he was once a believer in the doomsayers, but eventually he found out just how full of shit they are.

In October 1980, Ehrilch and Simon drew up a futures contract obligating Simon to sell Ehrlich the same quantities which could be purchased for $1,000 of five metals (copper, chrome, nickel, tin, and tungsten) ten years later as 1980 prices," writes Ronald Bailey in his book EcoScam. "If the combined prices rose above $1,000, Simon would pay the difference. If they fell below $1,000, Ehrlich would pay Simon. Ehrlich mailed Simon a check for $576.07 in October 1990." During the 1980s the combined prices of the metals selected by Ehrlich declined by over 50 percent. Simon easily won because he knew that the supply for resources was not becoming more scarce but more abundant, since the economic history of predominantly free capitalist nations had demonstrated how the prices of most major commodities have declined over time.

What people like Ehrlich fail to see is that when things become scarce one of two mechanisms will solve the crisis. When a resource becomes so scarce that the price of said material skyrockets, a powerful economic incentive kicks in to find a replacement for that material, develop new sources for the material, of determine a way to do without that material.

Scarcity, something which the enviro-nazis believe will wind up killing all industry, ironically began the industrial revolution.

Wood became scarce in England becasue of its widespread use as fuel.

As the forests were cleared, the cost of lumber in England soared.

Hence there was an incentive for the exploitation of another fuel source.

Coal was then mined in large scale operations marking the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Scarcity, it seems, actually began the very vehicle that enviro-nazis believe it will kill.

Look at it like this, the deepest mine on earth is about 15,000 feet deep and the earth's crust is 30 miles deep. Methane hydrate was discovered only a few decades ago, and little research has been done on it until recently. By some estimates, the energy locked up in methane hydrate deposits is more than twice the global reserves of all conventional gas, oil, and coal deposits combined!

A word of caution though. The scarcity incentive system that man kind has relied upon for 1000's of years to propel our development only works in market based societies. Why else are all marxist economies, past and present, plagued with scarcity of basic living necessities from fuel, to food, to toilet paper? I truly would fear scarcity if the anti capitalist took the wheel again.

Wow, I have been away far too long

It seems as if that pilar of the African American community, failed Calypso singer Louis Farrakhan, is at it again. He is currently in the midst of a whirlwind tour in the Middle East to show his 'solidarity' with the leaders and people of the region.

Mr. Farrakhan held talks with Islamic Affairs Minister Abdul Munem Saleh on "ways to confront the American threats against Iraq", and that "American Muslims are praying for an Iraqi victory in a war with the United States"

Wow! Even from Farrakhan shit like that is pretty disturbing.

I guess that does it, when that mother fucker comes back home to Chicago, he and I will have to have a 'little talk'.

But anyhooo........

A coulple of interesting tid bits on Louie

Farrakhan has to find a new way to pay for his and his family's ornate palaces in Chicago and Phoenix, his Lexus, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Lincoln Town Cars, a Mexican villa, a new 77-acre Michigan estate and over $1.5 million dollars in unpaid back taxes. This is the reason he had an $11 registration fee, a $3.99 per minute 900 number for call-in registration (Average call is three minutes), a $700 vendor's fee, (reduced from $1000), and even ads in his newspaper soliciting for "donations" to "help defray the astronomical costs of the march," in exchange for listing the donor's name and city under appropriate categories (Platinum, Gold, etc.): $1000 or more (Platinum), $500 or more (Gold), $100 or more (Silver), $25 or more (Patron) not to mention $2 "special issues" of his 'Final Call' newspaper. Louis. A true high-tech con-man.

You want to see Louie's real vison?: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Well, that and the spaceship.

The NOI teaches that a giant spaceship--the Mother Plane--will carry out Allah's judgment. Black scientists will use the same bombs that brought up the "mountains out of the earth" to destroy the white race. They claim this judgment will not only destroy the white race but also Christianity. Elijah Muhammad asserted, "Armageddon has started, and after it there will be no Christian religion or churches. Jesus was a Muslim, not a Christian". Louis Farrakhan claims that he was taken aboard the Mother Plane in a vision. While in the giant UFO, he spoke to Elijah Muhammad who had been dead for several years. Farrakhan also asserts that this giant spaceship follows him when he travels.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002
When lovers become strangers: why the Saudis cheated on America

This one is not mine (obvioulsy, I do not write this well) and it is a shade dated, but it is still very much worth the read.

SOMETIMES lovers become strangers.

The U.S.-Saudi love affair is a case in point. It's over. It has actually been over for quite some time now; it's just that the Americans didn't know it yet.
It took September 11 for the Americans to smell the coffee. That's because the Saudis were heavily implicated in the terrible terrorist attacks that occurred on that tragic day.

But yes, there was a loving relationship - for more than a half century. The partnership was of mutual benefit to both parties and it reached its zenith when the two countries confronted Saddam Hussein in Kuwait in 1990-1991.

You could say that the 1980s were the "golden years" of the American-Saudi romance. That's when the two lovers were on the same side in the Cold War.
Both countries funded the rebels in Afghanistan against the Soviet invaders. Both worked to contain the fanaticism of the Iranian revolution in 1979 - which explains why they supported Iraq launching its war against Iran in 1980. The Saudis also helped fund the American-backed Contra rebels against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

And there were also economic ties. Most importantly, the Saudis faithfully kept their oil prices and supplies at levels that suited the American market.
But then, with the crumbling of the Soviet Empire, something new began to happen.

With the Evil Empire gone, Saudi Arabia realized it didn't really love, or need to love, America as it once did. So it started a secret and duplicitous love affair.

It began an affair with the forces that sought to destroy America, as well as the Western world overall. That's what the Saudis always wanted to do - it's just that they had to put that particular objective on the backburner during the Cold War.

Just recently, we have learned that the Saudis, along with Saddam Hussein, have been giving "blood money" to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers and to each Palestinian who is wounded while trying to kill Jews.

The Israelis have also just recently unearthed evidence that confirms what American intelligence already knew: that the Saudis have been bankrolling Islamic terrorism against the West for years. They have donated large sums of money and arms to bin Laden, al Qaeda and the Taliban. Three major organizations that have laundered money for bin Laden and other terrorists, for instance, received millions of dollars from the Saudis.
Just recently, it has been discovered that Saudi Arabia is funding the Hamas terrorist group to enable it to produce a short-range missile called the "Qassam."

The Saudi money flow to all of these groups is still to be cut off. Keep in mind that bin Laden, his terrorist network, and the Taliban all acquired their psychotic philosophy from the Wahhabi ideology, a form of Islamic fascism that rules in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis export their religious hatred. They send aid, for instance, to foreign Islamic religious schools that teach Wahhabi ideology and other forms of fundamentalist political Islam.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia. The rulers, after all, oversaw the recruitment of approximately 25,000 Saudis to wage holy war against Israel, America and the West.

The Saudis, in other words, bear a heavy responsibility for September 11.

No wonder the House of Saud has been so stubbornly uncooperative with the United States in investigating the terrorist attacks, in supporting the U.S. war in Afghanistan, and in stopping their funding of jihad groups.

As a matter of fact, U.S. intelligence sources have confirmed that, at this very moment, Saudi Arabia is spending millions of dollars to help al Qaeda and Taliban fighters escape American justice.

All of this makes perfect sense of course: why should the Saudis help in a war that is targeted against themselves?
The Saudis, you see, hate America. And they hate the West.

It doesn't really take a rocket-scientist to figure out why the Saudis have launched this new war in the post-Cold War era. The end of the Cold War terminated the clash of political ideologies and yielded the clash of civilizations -- Western vs. Islamic.

Let's get one thing straight: The Saudi and Arab hatred of America and the West has nothing to do with Washington's support of Israel.
It has everything to do with envy and resentment. The Arab world simply feels an excruciating sense of humiliation because of its pathetic impotence in the face of Western success. Thus, in a desperate attempt to avoid confronting the reality that its civilization is a basket case, the Arab world entertains a delusional belief in some kind of lost glory - which has been stolen by the Westerners in general and by the evil Jews in particular.

It is not the easiest thing for Arabs to reconcile themselves with the reality that their culture has yet to produce one prosperous, functional and democratic society. Yet not only must they face this fact in the context of the success of the Western world, they must also face it in the context of how the Jews came to a tiny little stretch of desert in their midst fifty years ago and built the most powerful economic and industrial nation -- and the only democratic nation -- in the entire Middle East.

Today, the Arabs hate Israel, like they hate America and the West, because it is the concrete symbol of the utter failure of Arab civilization.
One can only imagine the fury that must exist among a people who have to depend on a civilization that they despise. Indeed, the Arabs know subconsciously that the West is superior, but they must daily convince themselves - against all the empirical realities in front of them - that it is inferior.
The Saudi ruling regime, meanwhile, is the host of the holy places of Islam, and yet it is obvious that without U.S. protection and support, it would crumble overnight. Indeed, the Saudis have no choice but to do business with the United States. They need American weapons. And only the U.S. can protect their strategic interests -- as Operation Desert Storm revealed.

One can only imagine the humiliation the Saudis feel in being the caretakers of Islam's holiest shrines, but simultaneously being pathetically dependent on infidels for their own survival.

It is obvious how a deep-rooted and intense hatred of America fertilizes itself in this dynamic. Another phenomenon, meanwhile, blends into this hatred: the fuelling of anti-Americanism because of a rendezvous with Americanism.

Today, the Saudis who most hate America and the West are not those who Western Leftists wish they would be: the poor and downtrodden Saudis who are the victims of unequal distribution of wealth. To the contrary: they are the wealthy individuals who have studied in American universities and spent time in American society. They are the approximate 200,000 American-educated Saudis who could not thwart their desires while they intoxicated themselves with American freedom.

Just recently, the 100 or so Saudi intellectuals who issued a virulent anti-U.S. petition were precisely the members of this group.

What is happening here?

What is happening is that this new stratum of Saudis feel that it is only by defying, and destroying, the United States and the West that they can achieve some kind of dignity, self-control, forgiveness, revenge and, yes, personal amnesia.

For the American-educated Saudis, a certain schizophrenia has developed in their psyche because of the dual and incompatible lives that Islam and America nurtures in them. When in America, many of them enjoy the wonderful benefits of a free society; they go about as they please, talk with whom they please, listen to the kind of music they please, drink alcohol, dance and, yes, even have sex.

Many of the Saudi women even take their veils and robes - Islam's body bags for the living - off.

But then, it's time to go back to prison - back to Saudi Arabia. The veils and robes go back on, the spontaneous freedom ends, and the miserable and depressing life of strict Islamic living returns.

While they long for the freedom they cherished and enjoyed, these Saudis simultaneously indulge in tremendous guilt and self-loathing - for they have violated the Islamic codes they venerate. This self-hatred leads to a hatred of the entity that tempted them in the first place.

It becomes clear why traditional Saudi theologians condemn suicide bombings as terrorism and the new American-educated and secular Saudis hail it. Unlike the traditionalists, they have come into contact with Satan and danced with him. They must now annihilate him in order to annihilate the natural parts of themselves that they hate.

This whole phenomenon is directly connected to why suicide bombers blow themselves up. Expressed through suicide, Jihad allows the Muslim males to punish themselves for the agonizing guilt they harbor regarding their sexual feelings for women - who are demonized in Islam.

Muslim males hate women because they are symbols of their own lust and repressed sexuality. As a result, males must oppress and denigrate the object of their lust. But this does not mean that males' natural attraction toward the opposite sex disappears. The result is excruciating sexual rage and guilt. The problem is that wherever men oppress and despise women, a collective form of suicidal behavior emerges. In the Muslim Arab world, the society is so pathological that suicide takes on a literal form.

Thus, it only makes sense that Islamic terrorists violently strike out against American freedom in the same way that they strike out against their own women: they hate what stimulates their desire and guilt. In punishing America, they punish their own sinful urges.

All of this perfectly explains why the Saudis who hate America the most are the ones who fell in love with America - and with the freedom it temporarily bestowed on them. Now engulfed with the guilt of having sinned against Islam's rigid moral code, these Saudis need to punish themselves - as well as those who have tempted them.

But instead of blowing themselves up, these well-to-do and American-educated Saudis have the luxury of exempting themselves from martyrdom, and seeking penance through funding it instead.

It is this new Saudi Arabia that now exerts the most influence on the Saudi regime. No wonder the House of Saud was so massively implicated in 9/11.
The Saudi-American love affair is over.

The sooner the Americans face it, the safer Americans will be.

That's because, once the U.S. spurns the Saudis once and for all, Americans will have alliances with real friends - and not with the serpents who smile in their faces while funding and training the demons who fly planes into American skyscrapers filled with thousands of innocent people.

JamieGlazov holds, Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Soviet Studies.

Well This Explains a little about Dear ol Helen

She is Arab . That explains her 'sympathies' for these poor poor deatinies in Gitmo and for that poor misunderstood saint Arafat. (Oh fuck I applied a Chrisitan label to Arafet, fuck me I can see the Fatwa against Mike Hanson already)

Well dont worry Helen, the FBI wont be busting down you door to drag you and all the other innocents off to gulag. You have done a pretty good job fooliing the rest of us to your lineage.

Hell even I did not know.

Helen Thomas' latest post menopausal hot flash

Well not really a hot flash, consider how old this bitch is it probably more like heat pulse from a 20 megaton thermonuclear weapon (H-bomb).

But let us have a look see at the juiciest parts, shall we?

The lawmakers are worried that Bush will play the "patriot card" in the November elections to attack dissenters and opponents. The Democratic leaders have already rolled over.

Did it ever occur to you that mabey the dissenters actually want to see us loose this war? Don’t believe me, then check out Indymedia for starters.

Civil rights are now clearly being ignored by government agents in the war on terrorism who want to make the vulnerable detainees talk. The agents' methods of extracting information are not disclosed. And the imprisoned suspects and material witnesses cannot get in touch with lawyers or their families.

Becasue after all, it is not like their lawyers or families lawyers or families would help them fulfill their missions.

Where are the great constitutional law experts who might protest such treatment? It appears they have bowed to the exigencies of our time and are accepting Bush's end-runs around the law involving some 2,400 detainees, who are reportedly being held indefinitely by U.S. authorities. Can Americans really tolerate the denial of rights to these people?

Well I can for one. If they need any help pulling the levers at the gallows, I am sure I could be of some assistance.

He is enthusiastically using the patriot law to let federal agents wiretap and access the e-mail of untold numbers of citizens and to listen in on conversations between lawyers and clients. Now FBI agents are checking lists of readers at libraries and bookstores. Is book burning in our future?

You mean to tell me that the FBI is now doing grass roots intelligence gathering to catch terrorist! How dare they!

Equally blatant examples of Bush's arrogance of power are in his foreign policy. What right does he have to tell Yasser Arafat that he has to go or to tell the Palestinians they cannot vote for Arafat in coming elections? Bush's speech could have been written by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Wait, I think Helen has a point here. After all, in our fight against terrorist organizations like Al'Queda, Abu Sayef, and the FARC, perhaps we should be a little less harsh on the Arafat, the founcer of Al Fatah . You remember them don’t you? Responsible for the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, a brutal deed that shocked the world. Still fewer know that in March 1973, Arafat ordered a Black September attack on the Saudi embassy in Sudan, where our Ambassador Cleo Noel, our Deputy Chief of Mission George C. Moore and Belgian diplomat Guy Eid were taken hostage at a reception. They were brutally murdered, said to have been shot in a way that made their deaths especially agonizing.

After all, it has always been the US's policy to negotiate with terrorist ..... oh fuck sorry, I must have been thinking about France again.

Plans to topple Iraq's Saddam Hussein have also been on the president's radar screen since he took office.

Once again, I am shocked! What a tragedy that would be.

Bush is due for a reality check. We need allies whenever we contemplate such drastic actions, and our allies are worried about his constant saber rattling. Some day he is going to try to give a war and nobody is going to come.

Our allies will do what they are told because no matter how PC the Europeans are I truly believe that they understand the true gravity of the situation at hand. What they say in public to appease their resident Arab populations and what they say behind closed doors are two different things.

You know what Helen, mabey you should have gone out with some dignity like Reagan when the Alzheimers began poking holes in your withered old brain.

Monday, July 01, 2002
I bet this bitch has tenure

Dana Cloud, associate professor communication studies ( can we say 'useless' ), wrote this thought provoking and rather touching rendition of the Pledge of Alegieance.

Pledge for the workers

My daughter, who is 11, and I were delighted at the California court decision omitting the words "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. She and I have always been uncomfortable saying the pledge, not only because of the religious imposition, but because it seems very strange to pledge loyalty to a scrap of cloth representing a corrupt nation that imposes its will, both economic and military, around the world by force. So she inspired me to rewrite the Pledge.

Imagine schoolchildren every day reciting the following:

I pledge allegiance to all the ordinary people around the world,

to the laid off Enron workers and the WorldCom workers

the maquiladora workers

and the sweatshop workers from New York to Indonesia,

who labor not under God but under the heel of multinational corporations; I pledge allegiance

to the people of Iraq,

Palestine and Afghanistan,

and to their struggles to survive and resist

slavery to corporate greed,

brutal wars against their families,

and the economic and environmental ruin wrought by global capitalism; I pledge allegiance

to building a better world

where human needs are met

and with real liberty, equality and justice for all.

The original pledge does not include or represent us godless radicals. The backlash against the California decision shows just how thin our democracy is.

No bitch, the backlash shows just how sick and fucking tired the vast majority of Americans are of whiney fifth column cunts with cushy jobs and fat state subsidized salaries subverting our Republic and indoctrinating our youth.

Wow, now I can see what bieng a PHD in communications qualifies one to do, absolutely fucking nothing! Did y'all like that as much as I did? Well then let her know.

Dana Cloud
Office Phone +1 512-471-1947
Office Address Dept Of Communication Studies
Campus Mail Code: A1105
University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712
Fax (512) 471-3504
Room CMA 7.114


Walter Cronkite, most trusted man in America?

Or most trusted traitor in America.

Consider the following statement Cronkite gave at the World Federalist Association:

"American people are going to begin to realize they are going to have to yield some sovereignty to an international body to enforce world law, and I think that's going to come to other people as well," he said. "It's a fair distance to get there, but we are not ever going to get there unless we keep trying to push ourselves onto the road."


Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Now, does it not sound like what Mr. Cronkite is calling for is to undermine the authority of the United States Constitution? Now, I ain't no legal scholar, but it sounds like this would most definitely fall into the definition of treason.

Like He did in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive, when he declared the war "unwinnable". Clearly Cronkite was interjecting his own desires and wishes into this statement considering the real story about Tet.

An overly eager North Vietnamese General Giap had sold his superiors on the idea that the South was ready for a Viet Cong-led uprising. So the North abandoned its patient guerrilla strategy, which had initially so frustrated conventional U.S. units, in favor of massing their forces in a major confrontation against U.S. strength. In this go-for-broke strategy, enemy forces managed to achieve substantial surprise and create tremendous devastation and death. In an attempt to achieve their popular uprising, they engaged in widespread assassinations and executions, particularly in the former imperial capital of Hue, portions of which Communist forces managed to hold on to for several weeks.

Yet Communist forces paid dearly for their gamble and General Giap's ill-conceived idea. From that point forward, the main force Viet Cong were literally wiped out as an effective force in the South. And after sustaining tremendous losses, what was left of the North Vietnamese Army retreated to its sanctuaries to lick its wounds.

Incredibly, with the help of the U.S. Establishment media, with Cronkite at the top of this heap, this major Communist defeat was turned into a propaganda victory for the Communists. Without an opportunity to learn the truth, the American people were sold on the false notion that this escalation of the war proved that America, like the French, could not win in Vietnam -- that we were involved in a hopeless quagmire. Communist atrocities were covered up while American and South Vietnamese Army actions were vilified. The Communists were thus able to achieve through a traitorous, anti-American media what they could not achieve on the battlefield.

Well Mr. Cronkite, the Vietnamese people should remember to thank you for your invaluable help in installing the utopian dictatorship of the proletariat that they have lived under for the past 30 years.

The July 10 issue of the socialist magazine reported on the death of Blair Clark, who served as editor of the Nation from 1976 through 1978: "Whether it was calling on Philip Roth to recommend a Nation literary editor or persuading CBS News president Richard Salant to make Walter Cronkite anchor of CBS Evening News, Blair had a gift for the recognition and recruitment of excellence."

Clark was not only the editor of the Nation, a publication that does some excellent investigative reporting and raises some good questions, but one that is decidedly Marxist in its political orientation, he was also heir to the Clark thread fortune, a Harvard classmate and friend of John F. Kennedy, a buddy of Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee and the manager of Eugene McCarthy's 1968 campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Clearly, Clark wasn't the kind of man who would promote Walter Cronkite for the most visible job in journalism because of his press accomplishments alone. And Cronkite's political activism since leaving his anchor job more than suggests this has always been a man with a strong agenda.

The 'Most Trusted Man in America' has been trying to sell you an me down the river for the past 50 years.... time someone took out the trash.

George Michael, Pussy Galore

It seems as if George Michael has a little problem with the war on Terrorism,

"I read Pilger in the Mirror ..and I got angry at the world"

Michael is of referring to John Pilger, or comrade Pilger, as his fellow travelers in the British Marxist Circles refer to him.

His displeasure with US unilateralist actions as well as British complicity can be seen in his new music video "Shoot The Dog".

"I know this is dangerous territory," he says. "I've never done anything so political before. I've spent years shouting my mouth off about serious issues over dinner tables but never really had the confidence to express my views in a song."

He spent years shouting his mouth off about serious issues over dinner tables? Seems to me like he has spent years shouting his mouth off while bent over a public bathroom sink grabbing his ankles in one his many Beverly Hills bathroom frolics. But of Course Michael explains that away as entrapment by the police and popparatzi.


"And I simply wanted to write a song that said to everybody, 'people let's be aware of this situation and understand that there's some very pissed off people out there and that America - and us, for that matter - need to start to listen to them a little'. I see politics in very human terms. In other words, even though there is a lot of complication and complexity to politics, what it really boils down to is human reaction between different factions, at least when you're talking about the possibility of war."

Spoken like another one of Britain’s more gentile peace loving souls,Neville Chamberlain.

So tell us George, what is your solution to this mess? Turn Israel over to the Arabs just like Chamberlain did to Czechoslovakia? After all, their grievances are legitimate, right? And this sign of friendship would most certainly stop the violence.

The saying for these types of pussies used to be better Red than dead. Looks like the 21st century has put a new twist on it: better a turban on my head than dead.

Sorry George, I would rather take the latter and go down with a fight. And in case you do not know George, they drop big heavy rocks on your kind untill you die.

Now go shave and grease some hamsters and stop pretending like your opinion matters.

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