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The Blade That Slashes Progressives!

Monday, September 30, 2002
New York Post

Pause for a moment and consider last week's butcher's bill from South Asia.

* In Karachi, Pakistan, Islamist militants entered the office of a Christian charity, bound and gagged the eight Christians working there, then shot them all in the head. It was fifth bloody attack this year against Christian targets in Pakistan.

* In Ghandinagar, India, a pair of Islamist militants took over a Hindu temple complex, then used grenades and guns to massacre at least 34 worshippers. Many others were wounded. And four police commandos died along with the two gunmen when security forces stormed the temple.

The militants may have been trying to provoke general Hindu-Muslim violence in India: The temple they targeted is in the state of Gujarat, which saw bloody sectarian riots earlier this year.

These attacks are further brutal reminders that Islamic fundamentalist violence and intolerance of other faiths is the deadliest, most destabilizing force in the world today.

Of course, the slaughters have been met with the usual silence by Islamic leaders in America and around the world.

And because the victims were only Hindus and Christians, you're unlikely to see Kofi Annan make emergency visits to New Delhi and Islamabad.

He's a hypocrite, of course.

What's everybody else's excuse?

Friday, September 27, 2002
If I were Saddam, I'd go check my underware

At sea aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Sep. 11, 2002 -- In response to the President's message, "Be Ready," USS Abraham Lincoln Sailors spell out "READY NOW" as the Lincoln Battle Group reports on station to conduct combat missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Lincoln and her embarked Carrier Air Wing Fourteen (CVW 14) are currently deployed and will join the Washington Battle Group, which is scheduled to return to it’s homeport of Norfolk, Va., in the near future. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Virginia K. Schaefer.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

New Wartime Propaganda

Christopher Hitchens Quits the The Nation Magazine

-Christopher Hitchens

Well, I figured this was going to happen.

Over the past year or so, Christopher Hitchens has taken a decidedly hawkish attitude towards the war against Afghanistan and now with Iraq . He even went so far as to criticize Noam Chomsky and publicly debate him about military action in Afghanistan. I think Hitchen's view can be most closely compared to those of Salman Rushdie.

For those of you who don't know, Rushdie used to be your faithful dyed in the wool, bleeding heart liberal; that is until he wrote The Satanic Verses. The Satanic Verses was a not to pleasant dossier of the Ayatollah Khomeini and his fundamentalist regime in Iran. Rushdie was later marked for death with a 'fatwa'[much like the the fatwa Osama Bin Laden declared on the United States], and spent 15 years avoiding assassination attempts.

Rushdie then realized the true nature of Islamic fundamentalism, and realized that for all his good liberal ideals about peace justice, cooperation and understanding, some people just cannot be reasoned with.

I think that Christopher Hitchens came to that same conclusion on September 11.

But to the bulk of The Nation writers/readers he committed a mortal sin and felt more and more like a lepper.

He violated the cardinal rule of modern leftism:

There are no 'evil' people, everyone is simply a 'victim' of the circumstances in which they find themselves. There is no conflict or problem that cannot be 'talked' through. Everyone has a 'rational’ and 'legitimate' reason for everything they do.

But lets hear it from Hitchens himself:

When I began work for the Nation over two decades ago, [founder] Victor Navasky described the magazine as a debating ground between liberals and radicals, which was, I thought, well-judged. In the past few weeks, though, I have come to realize that the magazine itself takes a side in this argument, and is becoming the voice and the echo chamber of those who truly believe that John Ashcroft is a greater menace than Osama bin Laden. . . . In these circumstances it seems to me false to continue the association, which is why I have decided to make this 'Minority Report' my last one+

-Christopher Hitchens

And now from Alexander Cock-burn [one of the loyal troopers at The Nation]

"I suppose Hitch's departure has been inevitable ever since the Weekly Standard said he was more important than George Orwell. I think it was becoming increasingly bizarre for the Nation to publish his column. But people only very slowly take in these changes, much like Dorian Gray changes slowly in front of you. Hitch is no longer the beautiful slender young man of the Left. Now he's just another middle-aged porker of the Right."

-Nation columnist Alexander Cockburn


Wednesday, September 25, 2002

More wisdom from the crown prince of truth

Walter Williams

We hear so much about "rights" -- a right to this and a right to that. People say they have a right to decent housing, a right to adequate health care, food and a decent job, and more recently, senior citizens have a right to prescription drugs. In a free society, do people have these rights? Let's look at it.

At least in the standard historical usage of the term, a right is something that exists simultaneously among people. A right confers no obligation on another. For example, the right to free speech is something we all possess. My right to free speech imposes no obligation upon another except that of non-interference. Similarly, I have a right to travel freely. That right imposes no obligation upon another except that of non-interference.

Contrast those rights to the supposed right to decent housing or medical care. Those supposed rights do confer obligations upon others. There is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy. If you don't have money to pay for decent housing or medical services, and the government gives you a right to those services, where do you think the money comes from?

If you said "From some other American," go to the head of the class. Your right to decent housing and medical care requires that some other American have less of something else, namely diminished rights to his earnings.

Let's apply this bogus concept of rights to free speech and the right to travel freely. If we were to apply it to my right to free speech, my free speech rights would confer financial obligations on others to supply me with an auditorium, microphone and audience. My right to travel freely would require that others provide me with airplane tickets and hotel accommodations. Most Americans, I would imagine, would tell me, "Williams, yes you have rights to free speech and travel rights, but I'm not obligated to pay for them!"

As human beings, we all have certain unalienable rights. Of the rights we possess, we have a right to delegate to government. For example, we all have a right to defend ourselves against predators. Since we possess that right, we can delegate it to government. In other words, we can say to government, "We have the right to defend ourselves, but for a more orderly society, we give you the authority to defend us."

By contrast, I don't possess the right to take your earnings for any reason. Since I have no such right, I cannot delegate it to government. If I did take your earnings for housing and medical services, it would rightfully be described as an act of theft. When government does it, it's still theft -- the only difference is that it's legalized theft sanctioned by a majority vote.

If you're a Christian or simply a moral human being, you should be against these so-called rights. After all, when G-d gave Moses the Eighth Commandment, "Thou shalt not steal," I'm sure that he didn't mean thou shalt not steal unless there is a majority vote in Congress. Moreover, I'm sure that if you were to have a heart-to-heart conversation with G-d and asked him, "G-d, is it OK to be a recipient of stolen property, property that Congress has taken from another American?" I'm guessing He'd say that being a recipient of stolen property is also sinful.

Decent housing, good medical care and decent jobs are not rights at all, at least not in a free society -- they're wishes. As such, I'd agree with most Americans because I also wish that everyone had decent housing, a high paying job and good medical care.

The main thing to take away from this article is that when something is declared to be a legally protected 'right' there comes a certain degree of entitlement to that 'right'. No one is saying that access to health care, good housing, good employment, etc etc.... are bad things, but the problem with 'rights' that people believe they are entitled to is that once someone things they have a 'right' to something that they cannot provide for themselves they automatically think that someone else should be forced to provide it to them.

And then comes the 'day-care' society. When you rely on someone for your very existance it becomes very easy to for that someone to controly you; turning you into a child like dependent.

Remember two things

1. There is no such thing as a free lunch, you pay for everything eventualy
2. A government that gives you everything you want, can also take everything you have.


Former ‘Hawk’ Now Uses Skills to Hunt for ‘Justice’

Washington Post

[and of course when they say justice they mean an overthrow of the capitalistic. slave wage labor system]

Just over a decade ago, at age 18, Adam Eidinger was about as establishment as a young man could be. An Eagle Scout, he was hawkish in his support of the Persian Gulf War. As student body president of Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, he helped to organize a "yellow ribbon" campaign for returning Gulf War vets, then set his sights on attending the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. He ended up going to American University instead, and went on to work as a congressional aide.

But that was then. This is Eidinger now:

At age 29 and working as an independent media consultant, Eidinger helps activists plan street theater protests during world economic meetings.

Eidinger is also the D.C. Statehood Green Party's candidate for shadow representative in Congress, a position created by the D.C. Council in 1990 to lobby for voting rights in Congress for District residents.

Sound to me like he turned into one big pussy more than anything.

Hey Adam, here is a tip, Wal-Mart is having a sale on Kotex, why don’t you ride your ecofriendly bike down there and pick some up.

Monday, September 23, 2002

How to win an election in Germany [France, Canada, America, Italy, Britain …….]

Every election year I hear pundits and talking heads making predictions about who will win and why. Most of the claims go something like this:

Candidate A will be able to win handily with demographic Y in region V because of his strong views on issue Z.

Now don’t get me wrong. Issues do matter in an election, but not as much and not in the way that you think.

Politicians, whether they are in Berlin, Paris, Mexico City, or Washington D.C., win elections because they are able to mobilize their base and redefine the issues. Swing and undecided voters do matter, but their significance is not as dramatic as most people would believe.

Many people have said ‘it’s the economy stupid’ or it ‘issue Z stupid’, but a successful incumbent will know how to make issue Z completely irrelevant.

Take German and its leading ‘Red-Green’ [communist-environmentalist] coalition [and by the way, the Red-Green thing is what they refer to themselves as, its not an attempt at red baiting]. Germany has been sluggish for quite some time now and has found itself mired in a number of serious economic issues over the past decade.

Unemployment has hovered between 8% and 12%[current]. Economic growth over the last decade has been a rather sluggish 1.8%. Budget deficits have been running higher every year, and are now approaching 3% of GDP. Lavish retirement benefits are being cut for the first time since their introduction. Illegal immigration and rising unrest amongst Arab [mostly Turkish] idle labor is also at a critical point.

These indicators are not part of a standard business boom/bust cycle, but are the long-term chronic consequences of an economic model that stifles economic activity in favor of social engineering.

Although these things concern most average Germans, and did have an impact [small as it was] on the recent elections. Instead of confronting very serious long-term issues which are already having an impact on the life and livelihood of your average German, Gerhard Schröder and the Red-Green machine has been able to redirect the election with non-issues, which appeals to the Red-Green base.

Waves have been made over the past several weeks when some extremely prominent German political types said some very interesting things.

The summer flooding in Europe:

"This disaster is proof to any sensible person that failure to act on the environment is a very costly mistake," Greens environmental spokesman Reinhard Loske said in an interview with the Chemnitz Freie Presse Wednesday. "The deteriorating weather situation shows it is five minutes to twelve."

With an eye to the Bush administration in Washington, he added, "Anyone who continues to balk at this clear-cut evidence is digging his own grave and the graves of his grandchildren."

"This natural disaster is a gift from heaven for the Greens," the Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper said Wednesday. "At this late date in the election campaign they have been handed a watertight issue at the same time that conservative standard-bearer Edmund Stoiber finds himself under a cloud of consternation."

Another prominent Green leader, Germany's Minister of the Environment Juergen Trittin, came out meanwhile flatly attributing the flooding to "100 years of industrialization". Saying the Kyoto accords would remedy the situation, he warned of dire consequences.

"Failure to ratify the treaty effectively makes it useless," he said, "and that means we will be unable to stop this climatological change, and we can expect these weather phenomena to accelerate."

The more recent comparison between President Bush and Hitler:

"Bush wants to distract attention from his domestic problems. This is a popular method. Hitler also used it." Justice Minister Herta Däubler-Gmelin who apparently did not realize that several microphones were still on and recording when she made this ‘candid’ comment.

These two incidents were designed to do two things

1. Mobilize the Red-Green base with tough talk about ‘American Fascism’ [which communists abhor] and with tales of and environmental doomsday unless we convince Germany and the rest of the world to become more eco-frienly.
2. Distract other voters from Germany’s most pressing concerns.

So while Germany’s Red-Green coalition led by Chancellor Gerhard Schröder managed to cling on to its ruling coalition after Sunday’s election, Edmund Stoiber’s strong showing is a sign of things to come.

“It’s a bit of justice that Schröder will have to experience for a few more months what he has wrought [economic stagnation and a slipping standard of living]. With this ‘Red-Green coalition’ Germany won’t return to economic health and it won’t break out of the isolation from Europe and America that Schröder drove it into.”

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Quote of the Day

"The last thing we want is a smoking gun. A gun smokes after it has been fired."

-- Donald Rumsfeld, telling members of the House to get a move on and pass a resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq.


War Now!

Although not linked on my page, a very interesting blog called War Now, went out of service several weeks ago. I did not know why at the time, but it appears as if some of the material was deemed offensive and the site was shut down by the Australian PC police.

Well like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, it has returned and is now Silent Running.

Welcome to Silent Running, set up to replace War Now. If you are offended by strong right wing views and bad language you should probably fuck off now and go hug a tree.

hug a tree ........... man I love that!

Thursday, September 19, 2002
The Acomplishments of the Trustfund Revolutionary Brigade [TRB]

I wonder if their mommies and daddies helped them with their cute lil banner.

Someone get the hill police, the German shepherds and the industrial sized pepper spray.


Terrorist Sheik


A model walks a Beirut runway showcasing a Saudi designer's bloodstained dress with a tank symbolizing the Palestinian uprising against Israel.
- Reuters

Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Like an Alcoholic in a Brewery!

That’s how the Ramsey Clark\John Pilger\Noam Chomksy types are going to chew up this latest piece from Iraq's Foreign minister Tarik Aziz. But, then again, it would not be the first time they have walked hand in hand with tyrants because they were 'down' with the rhetoric.

The US threat against Iraq is of a fascist and imperialist nature. Now if what Bush and Tony Blair say about weapons of mass destruction causes concern in the world, the truth will finally be revealed.

Mmmmmm mmmmmmmm good! Lapin it up like a kitten on a saucer of milk.

We are a warrior nation. Now we have to see how America reacts. Bush wants the Iraqi people to undergo change - just like in Afghanistan, which he imagines is some sort of model.

You will never see a foreign soldier's uniform in the streets of Baghdad. It will not happen while I'm here.

Tough talk, but if I remember correctly [and I am sure I am] 450,000 Iraqis surrendered within 72 hours of the start of the ground war.

Something tells me the Iraqis will tear down every image of Saddam they can find when he can no longer threaten them with electrodes to the testicles and beatings on the feet with rubber hoses.

But what else would they say. Would you say 'fuck Saddam' if it meant you would be taking the 'dirt nap'?


The Soil Association [just remember you cannot spell Association without Ass]

A Quick Recipe for
"Frankenfood" Frenzy

Combine lots of emotionally-charged doomsday rhetoric with a good amount of anti-capitalist sentiment. Add just a pinch of scientific uncertainty about safety and you've created enough "Frankenfood" Frenzy to serve the world. Caution: This dish can be ruined if contaminated by facts about the health or environmental benefits of genetically modified foods.

The UK based Soil Association has just published 'Seeds of Doubt', the first detailed look at what has happened in North America since the commercial growing of GM crops started in 1996 [according to them].

A brief summary

This study has gathered sufficient evidence to debunk the myth that GM technology represents progress. The evidence suggests that, in reality, virtually every benefit claimed for GM food crops has not occurred.

Instead, farmers are reporting lower yields, continuing dependency on chemical sprays, loss of exports and, critically, reduced profits. This is leaving farming even more vulnerable to the interests of biotechnology companies and in need of subsidies.

The report makes disturbing reading at a time when a decision has to be made in the UK about the commercial introduction of GM crops. We hope our report will contribute to a better informed public debate and a more independent, less pressurized decision.

Now, I will admit that I am no genetic engineer, and I do not know all the issues associated with genetic manipulation of an organism. Although I am a very strong opponent of the practice in humans, I believe that the potential in agriculture is amazing.

Imagine if you could create a strain of corn which required only 1/10 the amount of pesticides of herbicides that current strains require? Or imagine if you could develop staple crop which could provide antibodies to dangerous diseases of provide 100% of the USDA requirement for vitamins? What about a crop that could be irrigated with salt water.

This is exactly what GM foods could do for us. They could provide more food of a higher nutritional quality with less chemical fertilizers. It could reduce food prices, conserve water needed for irrigation, use less chemicals and energy to grow, and increase output. What more could you want, right?

Well the luddites at organizations like published Gr$$npeace think that this is the worst thing that could happen to mankind.

For thousands of years there have been voices of doom and gloom. People telling us that mass starvation and plague is right around the corner. What they never counted on is man's technical ingenuity. First it was agriculture, then irrigation, then fertilizers and now GM foods. Each solution to the food problem created another problem. Fertilizers raised output and averted mass starvation, but added a toxin to the environment. GM foods hope to solve the toxicity issue.

But then again these arguments mean very little to the anti-GM crowd. These being the same people who think we need to live like Ethiopians and who think the flushing toilet is one of the worst inventions due to its 'wasteful use of water'. They see technology as being the problem, not the solution.

Technology, to them, is the vehicle by which capitalism flourishes, and God forbid we allow that to continue.

Don’t believe me? Think I am full of shit? Well hows bout we allow their own words incriminate them:

Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental.
-- Dave Forman, Founder of Earth First!

The extinction of the human species may not only be inevitable but a good thing....This is not to say that the rise of human civilization is insignificant, but there is no way of showing that it will be much help to the world in the long run.
-- Economist editorial

We advocate biodiversity for biodiversity’s sake. It may take our extinction to set things straight
-- David Foreman, Earth First!

If radical environmentalists were to invent a disease to bring human populations back to sanity, it would probably be something like AIDS
-- Earth First! Newsletter

The collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans.
-- Dr. Reed F. Noss, The Wildlands Project

If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.
-- Prince Phillip, World Wildlife Fund

We, in the green movement, aspire to a cultural model in which killing a forest will be considered more contemptible and more criminal than the sale of 6-year-old children to Asian brothels.
-- Carl Amery

Every time you turn on an electric light, you are making another brainless baby
-- Helen Caldicott, Union of Concerned Scientists

To feed a starving child is to exacerbate the world population problem
-- Lamont Cole

Giving society cheap, abundant energy ... would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun.
-Paul Ehrlich commenting on nuclear fission, and the potential for nuclear fusion energy

Wow, ain’t they just all heart!

Tuesday, September 17, 2002
Who ever said all Arab men are irrational obviously never met this man

SANAA (Reuters) - A Yemeni man divorced his first wife because she was loud and argumentative and picked a deaf and mute woman as his new bride, a local newspaper said on Monday.

Al-Thawra daily said a 40-year-old man named as Yahya from the southern Dhamar province so tired of his wife's "screaming and endless disputes" that he left her after 15 years to remarry.

"He chose one deprived of hearing and speech and who is quiet and mild-mannered," it said.

Men in Muslim Yemen can marry up to four wives and can in practice divorce without giving reasons.

The conversations may be a tad dry, but what the hell, at least he will never have to hear any complaints about the toilet seat being left up.

My Absence

Sorry about that, but I had a date with a lake and a fishing pole.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

My Reflections on September 11, 2001

It started out like any other day of my life.

Get up 5:15am, go for a run, take the mutts out, shower, eat, and hustle my ass out of the door to catch the 7:14am into Chicago. Just like the day before and to the best of my knowledge that day, just like the next.

I remember getting a call about the first tower being hit.

I really did not give it much though figuring it was no big deal; just some idiot in a piper cub who pushed his skills a bit too hard.

Then, as I went to the cafeteria to get morning coffee and cigarette, the calamity unfolded right in front of my eyes.

The second hit, Tower Two falling, hearing about the Pentagon and then Tower One going down.

The hordes of people running for their lives, my thoughts of the 10,000's of people whose lives were in grave danger, and the uncertainty of what was going to come next.

I rember more than anything the silence of the room. No one spoke words, it was more along the lines of gasps, profanities, and words of disbelief.

I did not know what the hell was going on, and for the first time in my life I was truly afraid for how the day would turn out.

I remember downtown Chicago being evacuated and noticing how empty it was by 11:00am. The busy streets of the loop were empty, like a ghost town.

No one said much on the ride home, it was pretty quiet. Much like the rest of the day. I just sat and tried to soak it all in.

I guess to some extent I still am.

More than 500 Sailors and Marines assemble on the flight deck of the USS Belleau Wood Friday Sept. 6, 2002 to commemorate 9/11 by spelling out "Lets Roll!" the quote from Todd Beamer, one of the heroic passengers on United Flight 93. Many believe the terrorists were heading for Washington, D.C.

My Letter To The Nation Magazine

Ahhhhh, yes, The Nation Magazine, run by that unrepentant Stalinist prick Victor Navasky, has been having readers write in with their takes on 9/11's aftermath.

Here are some of the more prime pieces:

Disgusted by the vapid rhetoric of patriotism, I realized how profoundly I prize this continent and its progressive heroes and how repulsed I am by nationalism everywhere. I ache for a transformed world but am more uncertain how we will get there.

As a lesbian, feminist, Marxist-humanist, I know that Bush, bin Laden, Sharon and Hamas would certainly agree to hate and silence me. So part of my struggle is to live: fiercely cherishing lovers, friends, allies and the beauties of this vital planet.


from Berkley, naturally

People hear what I'm doing and say, Good luck changing the system. I say, Well, thank you. Because if at any age I ever lose my idealism and vision for global social, economic and environmental justice, I pray someone will put me on a bus to the canyon for a little perspective.


[or better yet a bus in the canyon]

September 11 is an American hegemonical construct, a good guys vs. evil vision that is as much a part of American cultural imperialism as McDonald's or the latest Hollywood movie.


from France, even more appropriate [and what the fuck does ‘hegemonical’ mean? Sounds like some bullshit made up Jesse Jackson word]

How has my life changed since September 11? My life goes on much the same--except that I'm not living in America anymore.


well good riddance cunt

My reaction to the fascist foragings of John Ashcroft and the dude who sponsored him, "Shrub," has been to rejoin the ACLU after an absence of twenty-seven years.


Couldn't be a good leftist argument without the fascist card being played, dickard

Well I had my own letter for the Nation. I wonder if they will think this is fit to print?

After reading your letters of recollection on September 11, it really made me think about how much our nation has changed in the past year.

Most people, like myself, saw what happened one-year ago as an attack on the people and institutions of the United States. We saw a violent radical sect of Muslims attack us for what they see to be irreconcilable differences between us.

A 'clash of civilization', as it has been so well defined.

You and most of your degenerate readers saw this as some kind of just crusade against the satanic, capitalistic, slave wag system that you believe the United States to be. Most of the left sees this attack as cosmic karma, a just repayment for all those years of 'bad' things we did to idealistic revolutionaries.

Well let me clear a few things up for your readers, writers and editors:

1. AlQueda did not do this because we did not sign Kyoto.
2. AlQueda did not do this because we opposed the ICC.
3. AlQueda did not do this because we have sanctions against Cuba.
4. AlQueda did not do this because we have the death penalty.
5. AlQueda did not do this because your Marxist hero Salvador Allende was overthrown in Chile.
6. AlQueda did not do this because your Marxist hero Daniel Ortega was defeated in Nicaragua.
7. AlQueda did not do this because we drive SUV's.
8. AlQueda did not do this because we ended WWII with the incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
9. AlQueda did not do this because we are helping the democratically elected government of Columbia fight their own Maoist insurgents.
10. AlQueda did not do this because Mumia Abu Jamal is going to fry for the murder of officer Daniel Faulkner.
11. AlQueda did not do this because the Green Party only gets 1% of the vote.
12. AlQueda did not do this because grow GM foods.
13. AlQueda did not do this because we helped South Vietnam stand up to "Uncle Ho's" aggression.
14. AlQueda did not do this because we won the Cold War [Much to Victor Navasky's dismay I am sure]
15. AlQueda did not do this because we have low capital gains taxes.

None of the usual litany of bitching and moaning you so often uses to demonize the United States.

None of the leftist 'cause de jours' motivated them.

They did this because of creeping western influence into what they perceive to be a superior culture.

They did this because they are humiliated that the only thing anyone would want from their God forsaken corner of the globe, oil, can only be extracted, processed, shipped and paid for by the 'infidels'. They simply do not posses the wherewithal to do it on their own.

They did what they did because one nation of 6 million people has consistently been able to stand up to the aggression of 100's of millions. The one nation founded out of conflict has been able to consistently and spectacularly humiliate the Arab's every time the two went to war.

It upsets people like Bin Laden that a non-Muslim entity could exist so close to the heart of the Muslim world. More than upsetting, it humiliates them that they cannot even project their will in their own back yard.

The nation is Israel, and its closest supporter is the United States.

Many people like me are refusing to allow the left to take the kind of moral high ground that led to our defeat in Vietnam and the enslavement of most of Southeast Asia.

Every time we hear your crypto-marxist rant, we will be more than ready to kick you right in the crotch.

There is nothing wrong with saying that Western Civilization, with all the wealth and freedom it has brought to us, is not the best thing going.

We should not be hesitant to say that this system of ours is worth fighting for, is worth dying for and yes it is also worth killing for.

If any of your readers want to do something constructive about this war, perhaps they [and all of America's trust fund revolutionaries] should shut the fuck up and drive down to an armed forces recruiting station and sign up.

Michael Hanson
Chicago Illinois [where 1968 showed we know a thing or two about beating people like you]

The Latest from the ‘Peaceful’ Iraqis

From the Middle East Research Institute, MEMRI

An editorial in the Iraqi weekly Al-Iqtisadi [The Economist], which is owned by Saddam Hussein's eldest son Uday, called for the formation of suicide [fidaiyoon] squads to launch broad-based sabotage operations against the United States, its friends, and interests.

As an introduction, the weekly highlighted the growing Arab, regional, and international opposition to American threats against Arab and Muslim countries, and Iraq, in particular. The following are excerpts from the article:

"...The United States practices international terrorism against the whole world. By doing so, it turns peoples and governments into hostages, thereby causing the suspension of international activities and generating fears and instability in the international domain. This conduct has similarities with Hitler and Nazism which led the world to a world war."

"...It is unlikely that the United Nations will establish an international tribunal to prosecute the U.S., but it is not difficult for any country to indict it [the U.S.] internationally and to mobilize other countries to do so despite the ridiculous international decision that protects American forces from their crimes against others…"

"…The confrontation with the aggressors should transcend the means of condemnation and rejection, particularly in the Arab and Muslim street. They should use all means-and they are numerous-against the aggressors, including boycott, closing air and sea ports to civilian ships and airplanes that belong to the U.S. and its allies, striking their economic interests and establishments, and considering everything American as a military target, including embassies, installations, and American companies, and to create suicide/martyr [fidaiyoon] squads to attack American military and naval bases inside and outside the region, and mine the waterways to prevent the movement of war ships... [bold emphasis added]"

Al-Iqtisadi, September 5, 2002. The editorial was signed by Munthir 'Aref. It should be recalled that the leadership of the Ba'ath Socialist Party [the ruling party in Iraq] as far back as last April called to "hit" American interests in the Arab homeland, Al-Hayat, April 8, 2002.

Monday, September 09, 2002

Cry Me a Fucking River

CAMP DELTA: The heavily guarded steel-cell blocks
of the prison's dusty acres

Here 598 al-Qaeda and Taliban suspects from 38 countries - including seven Britons - are held without charge, without legal rights and for some, without hope.

For 167 of the 168 hours in a week their world is a cramped 8ft x 6ft 8in cell.

Their day-to-day existence in a remote corner of the US Naval Base on the south-east of the island is pitiful.

The strain of living in such conditions - condemned by human rights groups again last week - has taken a severe toll. The Daily Mirror has learned that more than 30 of the men have attempted suicide.

Unfortunately, all were unsuccesfull

Occupying five dusty acres on a clifftop half a mile from the old Camp X-Ray, the new facility is no temporary jail.

Camp Delta is designed as a permanent prison - a grim monument of rigid metal, steel and razor wire to President Bush's determination to continue offending basic human rights. As the weeks and months crawl by, more and more unidentified prisoners arrive.

Guantanamo's business is banging up suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda. And business is clearly good for the Americans.

Is it me, or how can the press in Europe claim that they have any sense of impartialiaty when pricks [Pilger, Fisk, Monbiot pick your poison] like this are allowed to editorialize on page one? It seems to me like they are just the journalistic arm of the European left.

A new Amnesty International report says the detainees are in legal limbo and face a serious breach of their human rights.

They are routinely denied the right to see lawyers, although they could face trial by special US military courts with power to pass death sentences.

After all, what did any of these 'prosoners of concious' do to deserve this ..... oh yeah I forgot.

The rear section of the cell has a 4ft x 4ft mesh window which allows - in theory - the breeze from the Caribbean to blow through the prison.

But the desert heat which sends temperatures soaring into the high 90s by 8am, coupled with intense humidity, means there's little fresh air, let alone wind, to cool off in.

Much like the Conditions that the gaurds themselves must live and work in.

As much as I would like to go through the rest of Wallace's 'heart wrenching' look at these brave young men, I will leave you all with the following question for Wallace:

If you feel so badly for these men, why not offer to put them up in your house?

Friday, September 06, 2002
9/11 Remembrances, UC Berkley Style

I am sure many of you have heard about the latest bit of academic excellence to come out of UC Berkley, but in case you have not, lets have a little wrap up.

The "Star Spangled Banner" is too patriotic, divisive and political, so organizers of UC Berkeley's day-long tribute to the victims and heroes of 9-11 are excluding it. "God Bless America" is doubly excluded. Not only is it patriotic, but it also mentions God, something else that is taboo next Wednesday

"We thought that may be just too political, too patriotic," said Hazel Wong, chief organizer for the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC). "We didn't want anything too centered on nationalism-anything that is 'Go U.S.A.'"

Jessica Quindel, president of the Graduate Assembly, a key player in the planning, said the day's events are about more than just grieving. She said the day is, in fact, about politics. And it's not just about Sept. 11, but also the aftermath, including President Bush's response to the terrorist attacks.

[read the rest here].

Well it would appear that Hazel and Jessica’s decision to co-opt this event from a heartfelt remembrance of the attacks and a show of national solidarity to a quazi-marxist political statement has fallen flat on its ass.

Red, white and blue are at the center of controversy on the UC Berkeley campus.

While the university has planned numerous events to commemorate the first anniversary of Sept. 11, Chancellor Robert Berdahl overruled a decision by student leaders to distribute white ribbons to students during the memorial.

At a press conference last night, Chancellor Berdahl said he had informed ASUC President Jesse Gabriel that red, white and blue ribbons—not white—would be distributed.

He added the student leaders had initially chosen white ribbons because multicolored ribbons were too costly.

"Jessica does not speak for the university. I speak for the university," Berdahl said. "(Red, white and blue) ribbons don't offend anyone."

[read the rest here].

Good for you Chancellor Berdahl and thank you for not allowing a few crackpots to ruin the day.

And if anyone is interested, you can send Jessica Quindel a letter via e-mail:

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Big Brother is Watchin You!

I never realized that my counter can see the ip adress of those who come to my site.

Who'd a thunk it.

But, for curiosity sake, send me an email if you have the time. I would like to know who comes to my site and why.


1000 at Last!

I finnaly got my 1000th hit the other day.

Woo Hoo!


I feel that sometime in the not too distant future the United States and Britain will release a cornucopia of evidence of Iraq. This evidence will detail the scale of Iraq's chemical and biological weapons stockpiles and active production facilities [rebuilt in large part by our friends the Chinese and North Koreans]. It will also include an outline of Iraq's nuclear program, which I believe to be no more than 3 years away from producing a bomb. There will also be evidence presented that Iraq has and is still collaborating with international terrorist organizations.

The left will be in disarray upon receiving this information and will have four main talking points amongst them to counter the call for war.

1. It is still not a good idea to invade Iraq, because if Hussein feels threatened he will attack Israel or US ground forces with NCB [nuclear chemical biological] weapons and that will provoke retaliation with nuclear weapons.

Possible, but I do not think that nuclear weapons will be used by the US/Israel/Britian under any circumstance. The ramifications of such an action could not be easily justified unless many 10,000's were killed by an Iraqi NBC attack.

2. It will destabilize the region and spark WWIII

Possible, but unlikely. I doubt any nation in the Mideast would risk a sneak attack against any allied force in the area. Syria might, but stomping them sounds like a better idea than going after Saddam if you ask me. The locals will piss and moan, and tough rhetoric will come out of their governments but that is about as far as it will go.

3. It is a lie and no matter how much information you give us our heads are buried so far in our asses that it would take the jaws of life to remove them.

That’s all I have to say about that.

4. Their favorite: It is all our fault anyways, who are we to preach.

Taken right from the pages of a Chomsky book.

Mark my words, that’s how it is going down, and very soon.


French Sept. 11 Picture Has Anti-U.S. Elements.

"The U.S. and Israel are democracies, their governments are elected by their people -- thus it is legitimate to attack their people,"

- Egyptian director Youssef Chahine.

The segment goes on to talk about "the civilizations destroyed by the U.S.," and "the millions of victims" of American policy from Vietnam to Somalia.

The short also depicts with sympathy a Palestinian suicide bomber and his family.

Directed by left-wing filmmaker Ken Loach, the segment focuses on another Sept. 11 tragedy, the 1973 coup d'etat against Chile's Marxist president Salvador Allende and the support provided to the subsequent military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet ( news - web sites) by U.S. president Richard Nixon

You would think that they would get over the deposition of a Cuban/Soviet marxist puppet like Allende. I know, know, he was doing it all for the PEOPLE DAMN IT!

Does any one wonder why I never go to see foreign films now?

And by the way .......... I saw signs this weekend and it was great!

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

While trolling Indymedia during lunch, I often find a number of interesting ‘progressive’ organizations and their affiliated websites. From the ridiculous like the Bay Area Lesbian Avengers and the National Lesbian Womyn’s council (that’s right, women with a y) to the scary like the Progressive Labor Party and the Revolutionary Che Guevara Brotherhood.

But today I happened to stumble across the Global Alliance for US Foreign Policy Change.

Its founder E. James Ujamaa gives the organizations mission statement as the following:

We are people from all around the world, who look different, think differently, but who want to see peace, not America's New War. We are those who despise war, militaries and America's new world order. We are Americans who want to send a message to US foriegn policy makers that they are not above the law. If you murder innocent civilians, it is terrorism and YOU will be held accountable.

Ujamaa claims that although he is not anti-American hi is anti-American [whatever the fuck that is].

Being the super sleuth I am, I found out a few more things on Ujamaa.

James Ujaama, a 36-year-old American black Muslim convert also known as James Earnest Thompson and Ahmed Bilal, who was born in Denver, raised in Seattle, and moved to London in 1996 to worship under militant Muslim cleric and al Qaeda recruiter Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Masri.

Federal authorities have alleged that Ujaama/Thompson/Bilal delivered laptop computers to the Taliban in Afghanistan before the U.S. invasion last fall, and that he possessed documents about poisoning America's water supply (reportedly confiscated from his Denver residence this week). Based on interrogations of Guantanamo Bay detainees, federal agents also believe Ujaama played a role in scouting out a jihad training camp in Bly, Ore.

"I don't know everything James Ujamaa did when he was in London," said Charlie James, a black community activist in Seattle who heads something called the "Organization of African American Unity." "But I've been knowing (sic) him all his life." Ujamaa -- who founded an extremist pro-Muslim Web site after Sept. 11 called "" and visited Pakistan several times since the terrorist attacks -- has a "streak of militancy," James acknowledged. But he declared unequivocally that Ujamaa is not a terrorist.

-Michelle Malkin, syndicated journalist

Of course Ujamaa claims he has been set up by the feds, or “The Man” as he calls it, but the evidence against him seems fairly overwhelming and corroborated by British, French and Yemeni authorities.

This almost seems to me like the Fifth Column that David Horowitz constantly talks about. The coalescing of various left wing and ‘progressive’ movements in the United States and Europe and Muslim Terrorist.

The Global Alliance for US Foreign Policy Change has many friends in the radical community, and many of its members have come out to bat for Ujamaa declaring that he is “an activist and not a terrorist”.

But its like I have always believed, the most vocal figures on the left are nothing more than wolves in sheeps clothes. They talk big about ‘peace and justice’ but it does not take a deep analysis to see who their true friends and true aims are.

I recieved an email for a protest against the war in Afghanistan. Being a strong supporter of the campaign, I posed one simple question: how can you oppose a military action which being the only realistic means of removing the Taliban has now liberated a society from one of the world's worst human rights abusers?

Of course never got an answer but as I began to unearth the mindset of the Left Wing fundamentalist it became painfully clear. Most are nothing more than thinly veiled or outright haters of America.

Even when American policy serves what they are supposed to stand for it cannot be defended. The same was true for the crimes of Communism. Despite the fact that many of these regimes had horrific records of Human Rights Atrocities, the fact that they were at the time the only viable enemy of the US and capitalism meant that their sins could be forgiven or better yet ignored altogether by the Left.

Because to them the enemy [radical Islamic terrorist] of my enemy [America and capitalism] is my friend.

They used to say "better Red than dead"

I think their new motto shold be "better a turbin on my head than dead".


And the EU wants to become a superpower?!?!

"I am sure that he will do his duty."

Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission when asked about his opinion of the African Union’s decision to nominate Libya’s Mummar Gadhaffi to head the UN Human Rights Commission.

Enough said......


World Summit on Sustainable Development ........... continued

Colin Powell booed , and Robert Mugabe cheered ..... I guess it goes to show the credibility and honesty of the attendees of the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Arab delegates to the WSSD blamed the formation of Israel in 1948 for the continuing poverty and misery in most of the Arab world.

Is it me, or has every UN conference for the past year been nothing more than a forum to verbally attack Israel and her #1 ally the United States? The UN conference on racism turned it an American/Israeli gang bang by such tolerant and pluralistic nations like Sudan, Libya, Iran, and Syria.

Or consider Muammar Qaddafi’s nomination to head the UN’s Human Rights Commission for its next session

Libya is a country where the respect of human rights is enshrined," declared a statement from the Libyan foreign ministry. "The security, political stability and economic prosperity enjoyed by Libya are the proof of its respect of human rights.... These facts [were] acknowledged unanimously by Africa when it decided to nominate Libya to chair the United Nations’ human rights commission. Africa had spoken loudly and would not back down despite the lies and deceptions."

Has the UN just turned into a pissing ground for Third World pimps and tyrants?

Koffi Annan took over 2 weeks to say word one about the World Trade Center / Pentagon attacks.

2 fucking weeks!

Why do we spend billions of dollars a year supporting an organization that gives a worldwide podium to these pricks?

Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Food for thought:

A correspondent in South Africa tells me the following
joke doing the rounds among white citizens of that

Q: What's the difference between Mbeki [i.e.,
Thabo Mbeki, the nation's current President] and
Mugabe [i.e., Robert Mugabe, white-hating dictator of
neighboring Zimbabwe, who has just sacked his entire
cabinet and appointed a new one less inclined to
disagree with him]?

A: About five years.

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