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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Sometimes, its not what you say but rather how you say it.

Take, for example, a recent article in the Times UK about Qurna, in southern Iraq, the alleged historic site of the biblical Garden of Eden.

War Takes Its Toll on the Garden of Eden
by Anthony Browne

PARADISE is not what it used to be. Dozens of dead fish float by in a river that reeks of sewage. Dirty sheep chew at the few tufts of grass that survive in the baking earth. Litter swirls around in the dust. The graffiti screams in Arabic: “Down with America! Down with Israel!” Welcome to the Garden of Eden. Or, as the locals call it, Janat Adan.

In its center, the showpiece: the Adam tree, no longer bearing apples, now just a dead, gnarled trunk that rises out of cracked concrete. There is no serpent hanging from its branches, but children, who use it as a climbing frame.

Qurna has attempted to cash in on being the birthplace of mankind, but has been frustrated by war. “Before the Iran-Iraq War, there were many tourists. But no one has come since. The last time I saw a tourist was 1980,” Mr al-Moussawi said.

Saddam tried to help out after the war ended by building the Qurna Tourist Hotel next door to the garden, but still no one came.

Although the article does not specifically state as much, after reading this piece one might be inclined to believe that the most recent war in Iraq is to blame for the near complete destruction of this landmark. One might also believe that Hussien himself attempted to revive the region around Qurna and the Garden of Eden.

But unfortunately, that would be bullshit, and it also seems that Browne left just a little out.

During Iraq's war with Iran, the marshlands in and around Qurna became a launch pad for attacks by Iranian armed forces. Iraqi army deserters and political opponents also took refuge in the marshes, causing Saddam's government to accelerate a land reclamation project started decades earlier to drain waterlogged farmlands to the north and west.

After Shiite Muslims launched an unsuccessful uprising in the area at the end of the 1991 Gulf War, the project was extended to drain the marshes themselves. Saddam's regime bombed districts to clear out residents, then sent troops to secure the areas.

More than 30 dams were built, reducing the water level downstream and eliminating the seasonal floodwaters that nourished the marshes.

So, what was this a case of a gross and deliberate misrepresentation of the facts or was it just an “oversight”.


How to Destroy A Country

Although two years old, this article by Colonel Dan of the Sierra Times, is as timely today as it was then.

If you were a nation intent on bringing down a powerful rival whose philosophy, as originally founded, was strong and entirely opposite from your own—a country that you would not want to confront militarily from the outside—how would you go about it? The answer is simple—help them destroy themselves from the inside.

Although taking longer than a military victory and thus requiring the patience of the Orient, the destruction would be just as effective if not more so. When you destroy from within, you do it by using that country's own people, no blood is spilled in combat and the physical infrastructure is left undamaged.

In any country, there are but a few key areas that determine how the citizens of that country mature, live, and develop their beliefs. These are the focal points that must be attacked. In his book,On War,Clauswitz referred to this concept of identifying and then focusing on a few select points as attacking the center of gravity.

The center of gravity is that key element, which if controlled or destroyed, would most hurt your opponent and thus is the critical factor to achieving your objective. In this case, when taking control of or destroying a country from within, the key is to attack and control the mind of the inhabitants—you must shape the way people view life and the values upon which their life is based. Shape the mind and you control their direction. Control their direction and you can lead them down a pathway to hell.

The three centers of gravity I would choose to shape in orchestrating a country's destruction from within are its perception of current truth, its political philosophy and its future generations. How? By controlling the influential people in those three centers of gravity.

To shape current truth, control the media: Most people absorb what they know about life from the major media centers these days. The media paints the picture for all to see. If that picture constantly distorts the truth, lies become accepted as truth, i.e. tell enough lies repeatedly and soon those lies are accepted as fact. Spin and concoct, distort and influence using the public platforms we know as television, radio and print and you can influence, sway and control the mind of the vast majority of a population in any subject area you choose—to include pitting one group against another in order to foment internal discord. This is a much easier task if many have become lazy, unthinking and apathetic.

To shape the political philosophy, infiltrate the government: Whenever and wherever possible place those sympathetic to your philosophy into office at all levels—the higher, the better—so they can sway the direction of the country within every function of government, promising solutions and benefits for all. In such a way you can tilt legislation toward incrementally increasing the control of and dependency on government—a government that you are shaping. You can also use this approach to weaken the military through massive cuts coupled with over extension, thus degrading force morale. A country without a strong military is like a bull without horns or a tiger without claws—defenseless and vulnerable.

To shape future generations, control the schools: Incrementally indoctrinate the children with principles that are sympathetic to your philosophy. Make future generations weak in mind, body and spirit. Avoid teaching children the basic facts about their own history, constitution or rights. Teach them that natural aggression is wrong and docile submission is right. Teach them that any basis of a moral foundation, like the principles of religion, is a weakness to be avoided in the name of freedom and also redefine the concept of patriotism to support your views. Teach them to cast off old values in the interest and name of sensitivity—after all, we wouldn't want to selfishly offend anyone with our old fashioned or traditional beliefs now would we? And guns, guns are wicked, dangerous, and socially unacceptable—an evil that must be eradicated from society—for the good of the children of course.

Through patient manipulation and clever coordination of those three centers of gravity, you can, in time, weave the downfall of even the most powerful nation, using the citizens to orchestrate their own destruction.

The ironic part is, that in just a few short generations, the indoctrinated masses will be convinced this trail which has been shaped for them is truly the enlightened path for mankind and they will unwittingly look forward to the trip! You have thus taken control of a powerful rival without firing a shot or spilling a drop of your own blood.
Does this sound like anything that might be going on in America these days?

Just the view from my saddle…

The Colonel


Sauce For the Goose . . . .

Below is a picture of the former 11th congressional district on Georgia. Specifically constructed to bring together a democratic majority in a voting district. This specific example was later found to be unconstitutional, but it is by no means an isolated example.

For the past fifty years Democrats have held and grown their margins in congress and state legislators through a process called gerrymandering. After every census, state legislatures determine how geographic regions will be placed together for the purpose of federal and local representation. This is how, in large part, the democrats have been so successful in maintaining their monopoly in the US congress from the late 20’s until 1994.

Control the state legislatures, and you can shape, in large part, the makeup of congress. Control the makeup of congress ....... well I am sure that the well educated readers of this site can see where that goes.

There was always a great deal of complaining about this, but not much else.

Now that the ball is in the other end of the court, certain elements of the press would have us believe that this is something new and unprecedented, a “threat to the very democratic institutions of this nation”.

Like Robert Jensen from Newsday

When 51 Democratic members of the Texas House of Representatives left for Oklahoma earlier this month to derail a Republican redistricting plan, they did something that - for Democrats these days - seems radical: They stood up for themselves and for the democratic process.

Stood up for themselves and the democratic process, or the Democratic process?

Sauce for the goose is now sauce for the gander, and the left is running for the hills.

Monday, May 26, 2003
Happy Memorial Day

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

George Orwell

"If you are able, save for them a place inside of you and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.

Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may or may not have always. Take what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own.

And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind."

Major Michael Davis O'Donnell
January 1st, 1970
Dak To, Vietnam
Listed as KIA February 7, 1978

Friday, May 16, 2003

Being a Leftie means never having to admit you are wrong.

I found this gem over at Commondreams.

And having a good mix of people born in all parts of the world, of all religious faiths and cultures, living in the United States can be an excellent defense against terrorist attacks. In a diverse, multicultural U.S., such attacks are bound to kill many people with whom the terrorists feel an affinity.

A diverse population, of course, does not guarantee terrorists will not attack. People of Islamic faith and middle eastern origin were among the innocents killed on September 11. But as the number of immigrants goes up, deterrence should increase. And a well designed campaign to inform the world about our diversity could improve deterrence still further.

Hmm, I wonder what percentage this idiot thinks would be needed? Judging by the recent bombing in Riyad , the fact the vast majority of the victims were Arab, did not prevent jack shit.

7 Americans
7 Saudis
2 Jordanians
2 Filipinos
1 Lebanese
1 Swiss

But then again, being a bleeding heart piece of shit, means never having to say you are wrong, or even sorry for that matter.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Oh my God, they killed . . . . . . . . . .

Separated at birth?


I know, I know, I haven't updated much in the past month, but it has been relatively hectic.

Friday, May 02, 2003
Oh, the Humanity!

It was the Final Sacking of Baghdad, as Robert Fisk called it. 170,000 priceless pieces of Iraqi antiquities that spanned the beginning of civilization, all lost.

How telling that U.S. forces so carefully protected Iraq's oil fields while ignoring the looting of Baghdad's internationally renowned museum. The complete, and by all accounts preventable, destruction of one of the world's most significant collections of antiquities is a fit metaphor for current U.S. foreign policy, which causes more serious damage through carelessness than calculation.

Robert Sheer, LA Times

But was it true? Apparently not
. The number of missing pieces from the National Museum of Iraq has fallen from 170,000 to 25.

BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 30 — Even though many irreplaceable antiquities were looted from the National Museum of Iraq during the chaotic fall of Baghdad last month, museum officials and American investigators now say the losses seem to be less severe than originally thought.

Col. Matthew F. Bogdanos, a Marine reservist who is investigating the looting and is stationed at the museum, said museum officials had given him a list of 29 artifacts that were definitely missing. But since then, 4 items - ivory objects from the eighth century B.C. - had been traced.

"Twenty-five pieces is not the same as 170,000," said Colonel Bogdanos, who in civilian life is an assistant Manhattan district attorney.

Sounds to me like someone over exadurated just a bit.


Happy Mayday!

"Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy."
Mao Zedong (1893-1976)

Ecuadorian workers hit an unidentified man during a May Day march, in Quito, Ecuador, Thursday, May 1, 2003. The fight was started because of a disagreement on their political positions.

A masked May Day protester throws stones at German riot police from atop of a burning car after peaceful May Day protests turned into fierce street fights in Berlin May 1, 2003. German riot police used tear gas and water cannon as violent protesters marred May Day rallies in some European cities. Photo by Michael Dalder/Reuters

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